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Portland Dental Cleaning, Exam, and X-Ray

Woman talking to dentist during dental exam at Dougherty Laybourn Menashe Dental in Portland, OR.At Dougherty Laybourn Menashe Dental, we take your oral health seriously! When we get serious about something, we get passionate. We believe that the key to keeping your teeth healthy is a combination of educating you on the best ways to clean your teeth at home and offering a professional cleaning and examination service that can’t be beat. By regularly checking up on the condition of your teeth and giving them a deep clean, our goal is to prevent bad things from ever happening to your teeth!

Digital X-rays

We recommend that our patients come in for routine cleanings and examinations at least twice a year. The first part of one of these appointments is usually the digital x-ray. We will fit you with a lead vest to protect against minor radiation and lead you to the X-ray machine.

We will use the X-rays that we take of your mouth to find areas where issues may be starting. Armed with this knowledge we can make you aware of spots in your teeth that need extra care. We can also find issues that are too small or hard to see.

Dental Cleanings

The professional dental cleaning is a great way to bring your teeth back to the pique of cleanliness. Over the course of six months you can easily miss certain hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. Bacteria can build up in these areas and present the threat of decay. We can remove caked on plaque and tartar using a special tool known as an ultrasonic scaler. This tool uses ultrasonic vibrations along with a special fluid to break up and wash away plaque buildup.

When we are done removing the harmful buildup from your teeth we will polish them to give them a smooth finish. A nicely polished tooth will not allow harmful bacteria like plaque to build up easily.

The Dangers of Dental Plaque

Plaque is a term that you have likely heard but may not fully understand. When we talk about plaque we are referring to harmful bacteria that lives within your mouth and feeds on the remains of your meals. At the end of the day, if your teeth feel a bit mossy, or maybe slick, that is plaque coating their surface. By brushing and flossing you are removing plaque buildup from your teeth.

If plaque is allowed to buildup and isn’t removed it will eventually harden into a much more difficult to removed substance that we call tartar. Our ultrasonic scaler is made to removed hardened tartar and plaque.

Dental Examinations

The professional dental examination is how we catch issues while they are still in the preventable stages. We aren’t only looking for cavities during exams, we are also looking for signs or symptoms of more serious issues like oral cancers and cysts. If you have noticed any changes in the way your bite fits together, the dental exam is the time to let us know. We can investigate teeth that have been giving you trouble and try to find the root of the cause.

To schedule an appointment, please call us today at 503-334-1141.
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By regularly checking up on the condition of your teeth and giving them a dental cleaning, our goal is to prevent bad things from ever happening to your teeth!
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