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Composite and Amalgam Dental Filling
Portland, OR

Person getting dental fillings at Dougherty Laybourn Menashe Dental in Portland, OR.Some of the newest dental fillings available to dental patients currently are composite fillings. These fillings are able to be put in most cavities, and they are matched up to the natural color of your teeth. When you end up in the dentist's chair, faced with needing a filling or two, these are likely going to be what your dentist recommends, and for good reason.

The Many Reasons Why Composite Dental Fillings Are Great Options

Not only do these types of fillings help fill in cavities and look like natural tooth enamel when in place, they also have other benefits to using them. They can replace many of the older filling materials, such as amalgam, giving you a better look and healthier mouth. They can make your overall tooth stronger. They also require much less of the tooth to be ground away before a filling can be used. The strength of composite fillings is another perk, because instead of just being placed into a cavity, these fillings are actually bonded to the inside of your tooth, holding it in place during use.

The same composite resin that fills your cavities can also be used to help repair chipped or broken teeth. Your dentist can take some of the resin, fill in a crack, chip, or small break, and harden the material in the shape that your tooth was before it suffered injury. The resin, once hardened, is also shined up so it has the same luster as the rest of the teeth in your mouth.

What To Expect When Getting Composite Dental Fillings in Portland

Your dentist is going to go through the same basic steps as they would for any other filling, of ridding your tooth of decay and preparing the area, but for a composite filling, the area must be kept completely dry during every part of the process. This allows for the resin to bond completely to the tooth, adding to its strength and durability. Composite resin is ideal for front teeth that either need minor fixes, or have smaller cavities, as the strength of this resin is perfect for light to medium bite forces. Putting this type of resin on back teeth is a bit riskier, as that is where the heaviest chewing pressure is.

After getting a composite filling, you should expect your tooth to be slightly more sensitive for a couple of days. However, if this sensitivity lasts over one week, you need to give us a call and let us take another look at your tooth. There may be another type of treatment we need to do to protect your tooth and rid your tooth of that sensitivity.

When you find yourself in need of composite fillings in Portland, the experienced professionals at Dougherty Laybourn Menashe Dental can help. Give us a call at 503-334-1141 and let us help you get the fillings you need without the discomfort of larger portions of your teeth being removed. We can get you started on a plan that addresses all of your dental needs, too!
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