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Complete and Partial Dentures
Dentist in Portland, OR

Elderly man with coffee at a table, wearing dentures at Dougherty Laybourn Menashe Dental in Portland, OR.Dentures serve as replacement options for lost teeth. Unfortunately, for some dental patients, removing the teeth and replacing them with dentures is the only option for restoring the structure, function, and appearance of the smile, as the teeth may have deteriorated to the extent that repair is no longer feasible. Dentures come in two main varieties: partial dentures and complete (full) dentures. The main difference between the two options involves how many of the natural teeth need to be replaced.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are removable appliances that are held into place by fitting into or gripping the remaining, natural teeth. This usually involves metal wires and clasps. Many dental patients choose this denture option when only some of the teeth are missing and need to be replaced.

Partial dentures will allow all of the missing teeth within the same arch (either lower or upper) to be replaced with a single appliance. Partial dentures tend to be more stable and comfortable than complete dentures because they can be anchored into the mouth by the remaining teeth.

You might be a good candidate for partial dentures if you have several teeth in a row that are missing but you also have healthy teeth remaining. You’ll need to have healthy bone tissue, and the shape of the anchor teeth will also be taken into account to determine if partials are right for you.

Complete Dentures

Complete, or full, dentures, are removable prosthetic teeth set in a pink, gum-colored base made out of plastic. Once all of the teeth in a dental patient’s mouth have been removed, this prosthesis will sit on the gum ridge. You may want to pursue complete dentures for a variety of reasons:
•  All of the teeth within the same arch of your mouth are missing
•  You are interested in restoring your chewing ability
•  You want to restore your natural looking smile
•  You are looking for an affordable solution to combat your tooth loss

It is also important to note that life with dentures, whether you are getting an upper or lower denture, or even both, will result in a major lifestyle change when you compare them to your natural teeth. Dentures will impact the types of food that you will be able to eat, and you will need to ensure that they are properly cleaned and bonded to the gum ridge to prevent slipping. This could impact your self-esteem and confidence in social situations. However, dental technology has made numerous advances in recent years, and implant-retained dentures are becoming more popular options for providing you with a natural and fully-functional set of teeth.

If you are considering dentures in order to improve the appearance of your mouth after tooth loss, give our office a call at 503-334-1141. An evaluation can help to determine if you are a candidate for full or partial dentures in order to find the treatment option that will work best for you. With dentures, you can have a beautiful smile once again.
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